VersaTEX Digital Transfers! A great way to not only decorate full colour images on garments, but also an amazing product for decorating intricate items such as cooler bags and compendiums or even stress balls.

Our product is very exclusive providing commercial grade characteristics ensuring colour vibrancy and durability. VersaTEX Transfers are made in-house, ensuring only the highest of quality in line with not only our many range of products and services, but also our brand.


Some of the many characteristics include:

  • Vibrant Colours (super bright pigment technology)
  • Soft Finish & Super Light Weight (softer than a screen print)
  • Commercial Strength & Stretchable (works great on Lycra, swimwear and stretchy materials)
  • Full Colour High Quality Detail (perfect shadings and tonals)
  • Washable & Long Lasting (washes better than a screen print, will outlast garment!)
  • Versatile (can be applied to a wide range of items)


What are the advantages of Digital Transfers?

  • Vibrant and photo-realistic images & colours
  • As many colours as you want! No per-colour charge like with screen printing.
  • Durable and extended life-span.
  • Can be applied to garments and items that screen printing just can’t get onto.
  • Lighter than a screen print; won’t weigh the garment down.
  • Far superior to a screen print in terms of strength, will not crack.
  • Can be stretched and is perfect for stretchy materials like Lycra. 


Finishing Options:

  • Polybag Packing
  • Swing Tagging
  • Size Tag/Label Changing
  • Customised Packaging & Boxes
  • Sticker Labels
  • Logistics & Transportation Solutions

Sourcing Garments and Apparel

Our team is able to source and supply ready made or custom made garments should you require such a service. These include items imported and Australian Made T-Shirts, polo’s, sloppy’s, jackets, caps, bags, stickers, corporate wear and so on. 

Packaging & Logistics

Pro Print Group is dedicated in ensuring that your finishing touches are catered for on all your outgoing apparel. Available as an additional service, we can help you with packing/unpacking, poly bagging, swing tagging/labeling and organize delivery of your goods on a timely manner nation wide. 

Graphic Design Service

We have our own fully equipped state of the art graphic designing facilities that can create and design images as per your specifications.  Call our team now at 1300 366 129 to discuss about your printing needs! 


Sounds like what I need, but I want a quote. What do I need to provide you with?

  1. Artwork: We can only print and create screen prints from Adobe Photoshop .PSD (at 300DPI) and Illustrator .EPS files, so these would be preferred. If you do not have artwork in these formats, we can redraw it for you for a very cost effective fee if need be.
  2. Dimensions: As long as your artwork is less than 350mm wide by 400mm high, we can digitally print it.
  3. Garments, or items: We need to know what kind of items you’re looking to digitally print onto. Are they shirts / polo’s / hoodies etc?
  4. Positioning: Where abouts would you like your digital prints placed on your garments / items?
  5. Quantity: Price also changes depending on the quantity you’d like. The more you order at one time, the cheaper the price per print will be!