DTG – Direct to Garment Digital Printing

DTG printing is whereby the image is directly digitally printed on to the garment fabric. Much like how your average ink jet printer print on to paper. With the DTG process, we can print full colour images minus all the setups (compared to traditional screen printing) making it a quicker process for smaller runs.

This type of process is really great for one off events, small quantity orders with tight budgets etc.


  • Great for Small Runs, quantities under 100 units
  • Full Colour Printing on WHITE & DARK GARMENTS!!!!
  • Quick turn around
  • Screen printing grade wash ability
  • Doesn’t Crack or Peel
  • Stretchable


Our Screen Printing quality is the best on the market. When you need screen printing done, refer to the experts at Pro Print Group.

We have been screen printing for over 21 years starting off with small hand printing carousels to now fully semi automatic machines, some of which are one of only a few in the world, handling extremely large volumes and able to print your job that was due yesterday.


  • T-shirts
  • Cool-dry T-Shirts & Polo’s
  • Hooded & Crew Neck Jumpers
  • Hi Vis Polo’s
  • Hi Vis Vests
  • Aprons
  • Lycra
  • Tea Towels
  • Jackets Panels (Cotton, Vinyl)
  • Caps
  • Compendiums
  • Calico Bags
  • Shopping Bags
  • Cooler Bags and much much more!


We can easily create names and numbers for sportswear and can handle any team branding requirements you might have.

Our sports names and numbers are usually created using our VersaTEX digital transfer process or Plastisol transfers, to ensure a highly visible & durable print that will be able to withstand the toughest of any sports, contact or otherwise.

We recommend using either our VersaTEX digital transfers or a Plastisol process, but we can also screen print designs if you require.


  • Poly bag Packing
  • Swing Tagging
  • Size Tag/Label Changing
  • Customised Packaging & Boxes
  • Sticker Labels
  • Logistics & Transportation Solutions


VersaTEX™ Digital Transfers! A great way to not only decorate full colour images on garments, but also an amazing product for decorating intricate items such as cooler bags and compendiums or even stress balls.

Our product is very exclusive providing commercial grade characteristics ensuring colour vibrancy and durability.

VersaTEX Transfers are made in-house, ensuring only the highest of quality in line with not only our many range of products and services, but also our brand.


  • Vibrant and photo-realistic images & colours
  • As many colours as you want! No per-colour charge like with screen printing.
  • Durable and extended life-span.
  • Can be applied to garments and items that screen printing just can’t get onto.
  • Lighter than a screen print; won’t weigh the garment down.
  • Far superior to a screen print in terms of strength, will not crack.
  • Can be stretched and is perfect for stretchy materials like Lycra.


Embroidery gives your garments a very professional “stitched” look. We take your images and digitize them in-house. Then we machine sew the design on your apparel for a great corporate look.

Embroidery works well on polo shirts, denim shirts, hats, and sometimes even t-shirts.

Our machines are capable of embroidering up to 15 colours and because the pricing is calculated on the number of stitches, you avoid additional setup charges for different thread colours.


  • Embroider up to 15 Colours
  • Metallic Finishing options
  • Full in-house production setup
  • Quick turn around
  • Fashion grade finish


  • Polybag Packing
  • Swing Tagging
  • Size Tag/Label Changing
  • Customised Packaging & Boxes
  • Sticker Labels
  • Logistics & Transportation Solutions


Wondering how our Graphics Department can help you, or do you have a graphic-design question and want to see if it’s something we can handle? Look no further.

We’ll attempt to briefly run you through what our graphics team can do for you, and how we’re here to help you get your artwork over the line.


  • Artwork Re-Draw
  • Branding
  • Re-Creating Artwork
  • Layouts & Artwork Placement
  • Repeat Artwork
  • Visual Identity