Printed T Shirts Online Shopping


Purchasing custom printed t-shirts online is very convenient and easy. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on it and can easily complete the entire order in around 30 minutes if you have all the details. At Pro Print Group, we understand that some customers are hesitant to print your own t-shirt online because they’re unfamiliar with the process. Here’s a detailed explanation on how to order and ensure the t-shirts are according to your requirements:

  • Quote 
    1. The first step of printed t-shirts online shopping is to fill out the request form and get a quote from our customer service team. In the form, you will need to provide details like your name, email address, and phone number, the category of your business, printing process you prefer, mention who supplies the garments, and other such details. Our team will get back in contact with you with a quote and answer any questions you might have regarding the printing process.

    • Design 
      1. There are several ways in which you can approach the design. You can upload your own finished design and ask us to print it as is on the t-shirts. Or you can choose one of the options below:

      1. Repeating the artwork you supplied in the previous order.
      2. Re-creating or re-imagining your artwork to better suit your garment texture and colour.
      3. Creating a new brand or logo design based on your detailed description of what you want.
      4. Redrawing your artwork to make it more suitable for the t-shirt printing. This works well if you have a low-resolution image and can’t covert it or polish it yourself.
      5. Designing from scratch based on your rough-drafts, mock-ups, or detailed descriptions.
        • Before you complete the order, choose the design system you need and provide related information. You can always ask for assistance from our customer service team if you’re uncertain about the design process.

        • Printing process
          1. You can choose between screen printing,direct to garment digital (DTG), transfer printing, and embroidery based on your requirements. We’ve explained the entire process to you in detail on our website but if you’re still uncertain, you can ask our customer service team for advice. They’ll consider your requirements, t-shirt fabric and colour, and your budget carefully before they recommend a printing process that’s suitable for you.

          • Preview the design 
            1. Once you’ve decided on the t-shirt colour, print size and style, and have the design, you can see the preview of the t-shirt online. You can zoom in, take careful notes of the details, and consider the placement and size, before you decide if you like it. You can also make alterations in the size and placement for better effect. Once you’re completely satisfied with the preview, you can move on to the last step in printed t-shirt online shopping.

            • Confirm the order 
              1. Confirm the number of t-shirts, the size, and the colour of the t-shirts before you place the order. Make the payment through our secure payment gateway and note down the shipping details. The t-shirt will arrive at your address in a matter of days.


              If you want to know more about the process to print your own t-shirt online, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Pro Print Group. You can contact us or give us a call at 1300 366 129. We’ll send you a quote within 24 hours!